Argenis Steven Gonzalez, Esq.


Partner & Trial Counsel

Argenis Steven Gonzalez, as a founder and managing partner of Raldiris & Gonzalez PLLC, leads his staff with the expectation that the firm’s bottom line will never outweigh the needs and concerns of his clients. Having grown up in New York City, he saw many of his neighbors fall victims to negligence. In the 90’s, his neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens, where he was raised by his Ecuadorian immigrant parents, many of the people living there worked the longest hours for the lowest wages at dangerous jobs that rarely provided basic benefits such as health insurance. Argenis’ own father worked as a day laborer and his mother worked in the remaining factories around the city. Like many children of immigrant parents, he and his younger brother learned to sacrifice wants for needs, to navigate between cultures and identities, and to speak multiple languages. In a community as vibrant and diverse as Jackson Heights, however, the benefits of this dual identity was the privilege of belonging to a place rich in food, culture, languages, and religions.
After becoming the first in his family to attend and graduate from CUNY Hunter College in 2014, Argenis set his sights on becoming an attorney and enrolled in New York Law School. Inspired by his parents, who as teenagers left behind their lives in Ecuador for a chance at a better one in the United States, he wanted to continue breaking barriers.
In law school he was a board member of the Immigration Law Students Association and competed as a trial attorney in the 2018 and 2019 AAJ Student Trial Advocacy Competition. He also interned as a legal assistant with Make The Road New York, the largest progressive immigrant-led grassroots organization in New York State. There he was able to return to Jackson Heights and give back to the community that raised him.
Argenis was admitted to practice as an attorney of the New York State Bar in 2020 but his knowledge and experience already contributed to a $700,000 recovery this year for a woman who suffered wrist injuries as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident. (Morrobel v. NYCTA, et. Al., Kings Supreme Court Case Number 596731/17). He is also admitted to practice in the U.S. Southern and Eastern District Courts of New York and is anxiously looking forward to representing his clients on the federal stage. As a founding partner of Raldiris & Gonzalez PLLC, he knows that his responsibility as an attorney is to represent his clients to the best of his ability, always seeking the maximum compensation to which they are entitled. However, he also believes that as a fellow New Yorker and a son of Ecuadorean immigrants, he owes this city and its people a debt that he and this firm will repay with zealous advocacy, investment, opportunity, and commitment to the progress of all its people in all its neighborhoods. At Raldiris & Gonzalez PLLC, profits go hand in hand with progress.

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